How Data Is Changing the Food Industry

Data has played an essential part of business strategy for decades. Data empowers companies to formulate key initiatives, make better decisions, and determine market trends.

But how is data changing the food industry today? Let’s take a closer look.

Impact of Data on the Food & Beverage Sector

The days of outdated research practices and making assumptions are over. Digitization of data has transformed the way businesses operate and is creating more opportunities for the food and beverage industry across the globe.

Successful food businesses rely on data for good recipe development, better management of raw ingredients, compliance with food laws, optimized food production, and improved process control.

As a player in this industry, you are expected to deliver excellence in quality, consistency, and value for money. But achieving this can prove challenging in a market where hyper-personalized consumer needs continue to expand.

Re-Thinking The Way You Use Data

With the right data, you can serve the best range of in-demand food offerings to your consumers.

Let’s start with the basics – at the point of development, consider the raw ingredients used in your recipe formulations. Obtaining information on these raw materials from recognized food databases, suppliers, and manufacturers help you to identify the exact contents of your recipes and food products. By knowing what’s in your food, you can better match consumer demands.

For example, Restaurant A is redeveloping its menu to attract more diners. Their target customers are made up of individuals with the desire to achieve overall health and wellness. Since these consumers are paying closer attention to their diets, Restaurant A adds more healthy options to the menu.

In addition, Restaurant A chooses to display additional information about each dish on their menu such as total calories, allergens, where each ingredient was sourced, and add other key labels such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and fair-trade certified, just to name a few.

This was a smart choice for Restaurant A. They used data to their advantage to ensure they exceed their target consumers’ great expectations and satisfy their dietary preferences.

You can also gain more control of your business by harnessing digitally-driven data strategies to innovate new recipes and food products and boost your speed to market.

The Power of Data and Tech-Led Practices

We have established the importance of data in the food and beverage industry but did you know that there’s a way to further amplify the power of data? Combining data with a good recipe management system can help you achieve greater things.

A recipe management system digitizes and automates tasks around recipe production, recipe versioning, recipe documentation, storage of recipes, and sharing of recipes. It has proven to be an essential tool for chefs, nutritionists, and other foodservice professionals in both single and multi-unit operations to achieve dish consistency, monitor and control costs, and optimize operation workflows.

Feeding data into a recipe management system ensures that you can leverage all the information needed for recipe development and management according to your specific business strategies.

It provides a centralized storage of recipes, simplified recipe maintenance, and a comprehensive digitized solution for daily tasks.

Elevating Your Business with Data and Technology

There’s no need to settle for a generic recipe management software. Instead, adopt one that understands the unique requirements and challenges of the food industry.

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